The agricultural tradition in my family goes back three generations.
El Charabon agritourism is a venture that has joined livestock and forestry.
Thanks to the support of Graciela with years of experience in travel agency
and added to the natural wonders of the place has achieved this goal.
From the beginning we wanted to maintain a constant improvement for our guests to enjoy
the charms of the country side, with a good food service and hospitality

Jorge Zuasnabar


E-mail: gsbarbaro@gmail.com - charabon@adinet.com.uy
Phones. : (+598) 99127345 / (+598) 44702403 / (+598) 2712 0216

Location: Route 9 Km. 220 y 1/2 / A 20 Km. from La Paloma / A 20 Km. from La Pedrera
A 100 Km. from Punta del Este